UMU con Ucrania


Welcome to the University of Murcia! We launched a program to help Ukrainian students using an array of care and support services

Ayuda Ucrania UMU

Contact us at: ayudaucrania@um.es 

If you are a refugee student and want to continue your higher education in your home university, we grant you internet access and a computer in the free access computer room ALCOTÁN in Campus La Merced (Downtown Murcia), together with a student ID card.


Universidad de Murcia, Campus de La Merced

Please fill your personal data, passport number and sign 📄 this form. 


 What else have the UMU to offer to help you? You can enroll in UMU, study Spanish, get information about grants or find accommodation. All the time, we will care about your social support and psychological wellbeing.