Science is an essential part of culture and one of the pillars of welfare. Advances in this area bring technological development and a reviewed vision of the world around us. The basis of scientific progress involves the creation of new knowledge through research. However, science dissemination and promotion is also fundamental; two tasks that should not be only aimed at experts but at society as a whole, in an adequate fashion and using an understandable language, aiming to train citizens to be critical in a society overloaded with information.  


José Manuel López Nicolás
José Manuel López Nicolás
Coordinator of the Scientific Culture Unit
868 88 9180
868 88 8027
José Manuel López Nicolás
Delfina Roca Marín
Head of communication
868 88 9837

Doctora en Gestión de la Información. Docente, investigadora y periodista científica. Impulsó la creación y es responsable de comunicación de la UCC+i de la UMU. Ha desarrollado más de 3 000 acciones y 22 proyectos de divulgación científica (17 nacionales y 5 europeos)

José Manuel López Nicolás
Mamen Martínez Fernández
Management officer
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José Manuel López Nicolás
Rocío González García
Journalist and scientific communicator
868 88 8636
Twitter: @roogonzalezg
Ig: @Rocío González García
José Manuel López Nicolás
Ana Fernández Martínez
Licenciada en Biología y divulgadora científica
868 88 8636

Twitter: @SciencEnglish

Ig: sciencenglish_

Ig: proyectolol.a

José Manuel López Nicolás
Ricardo Hernández
José Manuel López Nicolás
Marta Martínez Andrés
Periodisa y documentalista
José Manuel López Nicolás
Verónica Pardo Quiles
Periodista y Divulgadora Científica
José Manuel López Nicolás
Anabel Sánchez Rodríguez

Where are we?

Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit

Universidad de Murcia
Ed. Rector Soler 1ª Planta, 30071 - Murcia
Teléfono +34 868 88 8027 / 8636

Mission and objectives

At the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Murcia, we work for society as a whole to understand and actively participate in science. By means of scientific dissemination, we aim to highlight the role that science and technology play in social welfare, to communicate researchers’ findings, to promote scientific vocations and innovative talent, to foster research among new generations, to train and guide new communicators and, in brief, to present science as a natural part of culture.


The Scientific Culture Unit (UCC) of the University of Murcia was set up in 2006 in order to institutionally promote the scientific culture, this being one of the main strategies of our institution. 

In 2010, it became part of the Scientific Culture Unit Network of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO). From then on, the intense activity carried out to communicate the research activity and to organise multiple activities aiming at research promotion makes us stand as a reference in terms of scientific dissemination both at regional and national level.

In 2017, with the UMU Biochemistry lecturer and well-known communicator José Manuel López Nicolás (creator of the blog SCIENTIA) as director, the UCC starts to consider expanding its service, fostering training and guidance in terms of scientific dissemination and research about scientific culture and social perception of science.