Marta Garaulet

Marta Garaulet


Marta Garaulet Aza is Doctor in Pharmacy, Nutritionist and Master in Public Health from Harvard University (USA), as well as Professor of Physiology and Physiological Basis of Nutrition at the University of Murcia.


Garaulet was also awarded with the best professional trajectory in the field of Endocrinology and Nutrition of the European community in 2011; Award Dr. Gregorio Marañón to the best researcher in the field of food in 2012; And Obesity Research Award of 2015 granted by the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO). In 2016, she received the national award to the most relevant personality in the field of gastronomy, given by the Royal National Academy of Gastronomy. In 2017, she received the "Grand Prix of the Science of l'Alimentation" given by the International Academy of Gastronomy. In 2018, she won the “Cubi Award for Healthy Gastronomy” given by the Federation of Chefs of Spain (FACYRE). In 2020, she was awarded the "Gran Vermeil Medal" by the Academic Society of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris, France.

Her teaching and research activity

Her teaching and research activity has always been related to nutrition topics, especially obesity, publishing more than 200 scientific articles in high impact factor journals on the field of nutrition and obesity. Her research has been crucial to the discovery of the importance of mealtime.


Among others, Dr. Garaulet has published the books "Chronobiology and Obesity", “Los relojes de tu vida”, "Adelgazar sin milagros", "Obesidad: causas y consecuencias", "Pierde peso sin perder la cabeza", " 535 recetas para adelgazar comiendo", "¿Come bien tu hijo?" and "el Método Garaulet para niños". In addition, she has participated in more than 200 national and international nutrition meetingg that guarantee her scientific production.


She is currently a Collaborative Researcher at Brighams and Women's Hospital (Harvard University) and she is member of the committee of different scientific societies such as the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) and she is also Number Academician of the National Academy of Nutrition.

She is also Director of Research of Garaulet Nutrition Centers:

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