Hercules Project Office


The agreement provides for the establishment of a Project Office to ensure coordination and management of the various entities involved in the project. At the same time, it is also planned to contract the Technical Support, Advisory and Consulting Services to the Project Office.

Since 17 October, qualified assistance has been provided to the Project Office in the execution, monitoring and control of the project executed within the framework of the aforementioned agreement, playing a complementary role in all the tasks of direction, coordination, management, control and justification of the same.

Contracting of Technical Support, Advisory and Consulting Services to the Office of the HÈRCULES - Semantic University Research Data Project.

- Tender (file E-CON-2018-47/SE/AM)

- Invitation notice to tender

- Formalization announcement

In addition, it has a project office as described below:

Mr. José Antonio Cascales Saseta

University of Murcia’s manager.

Leads, drives and coordinates the project by the Dean’s delegation.

Ms. Reyes Hernández-Mora Martínez

Computer engineer from the University of Murcia. MBA ENAE.

Certified in PMP and Scrum

* Hercules project office’s staff. Technical person in charge of the contracts.

* Has worked as Project Manager in the European Patent Office.

* Has worked as Director of ICT Projects at the University of Murcia.

Ms. Isabel Martínez Hernández

BBA from the University of Murcia.

Master in finance from the University of Murcia.

Financial technician of the Hercules Project Office.

Mr. Francisco José Vizcaíno Gómez

BBA from the University of Murcia.

Master in auditing from ENAE.

MBA EUDE - Escuela Europea de Dirección y Empresa.

MBA Real Centro Universitario Escorial - María Cristina.

* Part of the project office Hercules being its role the Financial Controller of the project.

* He works in the Economic Management área at the University of Murcia as an audit management technician.


In addition, the Procurement, Heritage and Services Area of the University of Murcia collaborates in Public Procurement procedures, with Mr. Pedro José Romero Tormos, Head of the Procurement Section, being him the person in charge of promoting and monitoring the files.

The project has had a Technical Support Office since September 2018, of which Science & Innovation Link Office, S.L. was awarded the contract. (SILO).

Any person who has knowledge of facts that could constitute fraud or irregularity in relation to projects or operations financed totally or partially with funds from the European Union within the framework of this agreement may report said facts to the National Service of Antifraud Coordination of the General Intervention of the State Administration, in the terms established in Communication 1/2017, of April 6, of the aforementioned Service, by electronic means or through the channel enabled by said Service at the web address:

National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service of the General State Intervention