The project "Hercules - Semantics of University Research Data" is an initiative created by the University of Murcia with the aim of creating a Research Management System (RMS) based on open semantic data that offers a global vision of the data of research of the Spanish University System (SUS), to improve management, analysis and possible synergies between universities and the general public.

This initiative is structured around two pillars: Semantic Architecture and Innovative Prototype of a Research Management System (image).

Hercules cloud semantic

The project, in turn, is divided into 3 sub-projects with the following scope:

  1. OISA Project: SUS Semantic Data Architecture and SUS Information Ontological Infrastructure
  • Development of an efficient platform to store, manage and publish SGI data, based on the Ontological Infrastructure, with the ability to synchronize instances installed in different Universities.
  • Creation of an ontology network that can be used to describe the GI domain data with fidelity and high granularity.
  1. RMS Project: Research Management System
  1. DEAM Project: Data Enrichment from Internet sources and Development of Semantic Analysis Methods.

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All the information is published on the Public Sector Contracting Platform (https://contrataciondelestado.es).