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The Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Murcia offers both undergraduate and Master-level degrees in Philosophy.

The undergraduate degree, known as Grado in Spanish, is divided into 8 semesters over 4 academic years. There are courses in the History of Philosophy, as well as in all major philosophical disciplines, from Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics to Ethics and Aesthetics, to name but a few examples. Each year, some 50 new students join the degree, which makes for a vibrant yet friendly atmosphere in our classrooms. Tuition is organized into lectures and seminars, the latter being arranged around smaller groups for increased attention to individuals. Classes are normally in Spanish, but some English tuition may also be available.

The Masters in Contemporary Philosophy is a joint venture of three Spanish universities (Murcia, Zaragoza and La Laguna). It provides in-depth teaching into current philosophical topics and is divided into 2 semesters during one academic year. Courses are taught from all three universities, so tuition is highly reliant on online platforms. Classes are normally in Spanish, but some English tuition may be available, if requested in advance.


Research is conducted both individually and at group level. Two well-known teams internationally are Aresmur and the MintLab.

Aresmur is the University of Murcia research unit into Aesthetics and the Theory of Arts, and is headed by Prof. Francisca Pérez Carreño, the current President of the European Society for Aesthetics.

The MintLab, or Minimal Intelligence Lab, conducts research into plant intelligence, and attracts attention from psychologists, biologists and cognitive scientists alike. It is led by Prof. Paco Calvo.

International visitors

Each year, the Faculty of Philosophy receives students and trainees from different nationalities, through the many exchange programmes it has with universities across the world, from Europe to the Americas.

Further information

All prospective exchange students and trainees, as well as early-career researchers and established scholars are encouraged to get in touch to discuss the opportunities the Faculty of Philosophy offers.

Enquiries can be addressed to: Ángel García Rodríguez, Vice-Dean, agarcia@um.es.