Doctorado en Filosofía (Interuniversitario)

Doctorado Filosofía

The Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Philosophy offers advanced training in philosophical research, culminating in the elaboration and defence of a doctoral thesis. 

The programme is jointly implemented by six Spanish universities: University of Alicante, University of Almería, University of Castilla-La Mancha, University of La Laguna, University of Zaragoza, and University of Murcia. These universities have signed a strategic alliance aimed at putting together teachers and researchers around teams and projects offering greater impact and excellence.

In fact, the programme counts on 48 PhD researchers (12 professors, 31 university lecturers and 5 contracted PhD lecturers) who represent a relevant critical mass within the Spanish field of philosophy.

Organised into four teams, they offer 29 lines of research, supported by active national and international research projects, which allows the doctoral student to carry out their study in a dynamic and enriching work environment, in which frequent seminars, lectures and conferences held by top level national and international guests are frequently organised.

On the other hand, strong links and agreements with European and American institutions (62 foreign researchers collaborate with the programme) have been established. This collaboration allows students to take part in complementary training stays in other universities and international research centres.

In short, the Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Philosophy provides excellent conditions for those who pursue their philosophical training to the level of Doctor, but also to students from other areas of knowledge who wish to add a philosophical perspective to their training.


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