Homologación y declaración de equivalencia de estudios

Recognition and statement of equivalence of degrees

As of 23 November 2014, applications for recognition or statement of equivalence of foreign higher education degrees must be processed in accordance with RD 967/2014, of 21 November ( BOE 22.11.2014 ).
This page describes how the equivalence to the academic level of Doctor can be stated
In addition, it describes the level verification process to gain access to a Master's or Doctoral degree without having obtained the recognition of the title.

It also explains how to request the recognition or statement of foreign degrees as equivalent to Spanish Undergraduate Degrees or Master's Degrees .

Applicable regulations

Equivalence to the academic level of Doctor

Applications to issue the statement of equivalence of foreign doctoral degrees shall be submitted at the University chosen by the applicant.

Academic documents shall be submitted officially legalised and translated into Spanish (Undergraduate Degree or equivalent, Master's Degree and/or Doctoral Degree, with their relevant academic transcripts). In addition to the compulsory documents required, we recommend the submission of any possible documentation concerning the degree to be recognised: syllabus certified by the university, certificate clearly showing the number of hours, etc.

Before submitting the application for equivalence and paying for the relevant rights all the necessary documentation shall be provided at the Postgraduate Unit for verification.

Once examined, the application for equivalence and accompanying documents are to be submitted at the General or Supporting Registry at the University of Murcia.

Applicants wishing to obtain a prior (non-binding) assessment on the feasibility of the recognition of their degree can send their scanned documents to 3rciclo@um.es.

Recognition or statement of equivalence to Undergraduate and Master's Degrees

Applications for recognition or equivalence of foreign Undergraduate and Master's Degrees should be addressed to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

In Murcia, applicants are requested to go to the Delegation of the Government:

Edificio MOPU - Alta Inspección de Educación - 3a planta Avenida Alfonso X
Telephone: 968 989 359

The different centres of the University of Murcia collaborate with this process by carrying out tests for the recognition of foreign degrees.

Development of tests