Visiting Student

The University of Murcia welcomes all those individuals that have been accepted to a program of university studies and seek to broaden their knowledge base through official coursework at our institution.  In addition to our academic offering, visiting students can also take advantage of all of the University's services.

Am I eligible to be a Visiting Student?

  • If you are enrolled in a university degree program at a Spanish or foreign university and would like to take courses offered by the University of Murcia, even if you are not participating in a study abroad program, nor is there a cooperation agreement in place between your university and the University of Murcia;
  • If you are not currently enrolled in a degree, but you are entitled to study at university;
  • If you have already completed a degree at another university* and wish to further your training with additional coursework.

*Former students and Alumni of the University of Murcia are also eligible, and will likewise benefit from additional price reductions, discounts, and rewards.  In this case, you should apply directly to the Secretariat of the Faculty that offers the courses in question.  Registration will be provided on an extracurricular basis through the Secretariat of the Faculty where the student's academic records are already located.

What type of academic certification is provided?

The academic certifications issued will note the regimen under which the courses were taken and their extracurricular nature.

What can I study?

Visiting Students can enroll in up to 60 credits per academic year, and in this manner, obtain half of the credits necessary for official programs of studies.