Estudiante Visitante (Visiting Student)

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The University of Murcia welcomes everyone who, having legal access to University studies, wishes to expand his/her training by taking subjects corresponding to official studies in our institution. Other than the academic programme, as visiting student, you can also benefit from all out university services.

Am I elegible to be a visiting student?

  • If you are a University student in another national or international higher education institution and you wish to take subjects that are taught in our institution even if you are not taking part in an exchange programme or there is no agreement with your home institution.
  • If you are not a University student but you have legal access to University studies.
  • If you have already got a university degree and you wish to go back to university for additional training.

What can I study?

Visiting students can choose a maximum of 60 credits from the catalogue that you can check clicking here (undergraduate - master).

When is the deadline for my application submission?

The deadline for submitting your application is 15 September 2018. The deadline coincides with the one for ordinary general registration.

On the basis of the number of vacancies available and the Center's view, an enrolment application may be made for subjects of the second term during the expanded registration period, lasting from 22 January to 5 February 2019.

How to apply

You have to fill in the following form and send the requested documents either.

  1. In paper form, addressing it to:

    Registro General de la Universidad de Murcia
    Edificio Rector Loustau
    Campus de la Merced
    Avda. Rector Loustau
    Murcia -30001

  2. Electronically, through the University of Murcia Electronic Registry. (An electronic certificate is required).

*In order to expedite the application processing, apart from choosing any of the two procedures indicated above (in paper form or electronically) you can send the application form together with the requested documents to the e-mail that appears next to the web link of the course catalogue of each School.

Application form (docx - pdf) English version (docx - pdf)

Apart from filling in the application form, you must send the following documents:

  • Copy of your ID card or passport.
  • Copy of the official personal academic transcript of university studies carried out at the outgoing University, or copy of the certifying document that verifies the legal access to University studies.
  • Copy of the Degree Diploma, only for students taking Master's Degree subjects.
  • B1 Spanish language level certificate according to the European Common framework, for foreign non-Spanish speaking students.

Note: All these documents must be official and have been issued by relevant authorities.

All these documents must be official and have been issued by relevant authorities.

How much does being a visiting student cost?

Visiting students must pay the fees corresponding to the opening of the student file, enrolment or certification that, as proposed by the Governing Council, are established for each academic year by the Social Council.

For the current academic year 2018-2019, the cost for credits are as follows:

Undergraduate Degrees:

28.77 euro/credit, for studies in the areas of Social and Legal Sciences, and Arts and Humanities

33.56 euro/credit, for studies in the areas of Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.

Master’s Degrees:

33.35 euro/credit for the Master’s in Secondary Teacher Training and for the Master’s in Health General Psychology

36.81 euro/credit for the Master’s in Law.

76.37 euro/credit for the Master’s in Mammal Reproduction Biology and Technology and for the Master’s in Wild Animals management.

60.32 euro/credit for other Master’s Degrees *

(*) Master’s in Hotel Management: see. Master’s in Osteopathy: see.

57,28 euro/credit for Masters linked to the fields of knowledge of Sciences, Ingeneering and Architecture (STEM) which do not qualify for the exercise of regulated professional activities.

What academic certification will I Obtain?

Personal academic transcripts issued will bear the modality of the modules or subjects completed and the extracurricular nature of the latter will be indicated.

Do I need to sing an insurance policy?

Visiting students shall sign a compulsory insurance policy covering, at least, throughout their stay at the University of Murcia the following risks:

  • disease
  • death
  • accidental death
  • medical and pharmaceutical expenses
  • permanent disability
  • travel expenses back to their place of residence in case of ill health

Who can I contact?