Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-27



The participation of our Institution in the Erasmus+ programme is a key element in the action plan for the Internationalization of the University of Murcia. The ecosystem of higher education is rapidly transforming. We are facing a new scenario where the number of actors has increased and the learning and training needs of our students, teachers, researchers and staff are different It will be necessary to evolve and take into account the smart specialization strategies of the region (RIS3). Profound changes in the labour market and society will undergo in the next decade based on the increasing automation and the emergence and development of a good number of disruptive technologies. Universities must identify, understand, and anticipate different trends in order to find innovative solutions that facilitate the transformation of their educational models in order to strengthen the actual ecosystem.

In the digital era the rules of cooperation are redefined and it is necessary to build alliances that improve our competitiveness. We must collaborate with complementary partners to achieve our goals of sustainability, urban-rural balance and technological transformation. For this reason, our institution, a public centennial University has started this transformation without renouncing to its long lasting collaborations with our traditional Erasmus alliances and building new ones that can bring us the complementary position that the new model of higher education requires. We consider this is the natural evolution to find our unique position of relevance in the ecosystem of higher education for the benefit of our regions and societies in line with our responsibility in the public service that we provide. Our geographical position, the high number of agreements established with institutions and cultural as well as linguistic ties put us in a strategic position for Europe in connecting and driving these policies on the Latin American continent on the one hand.

Collaboration with European institutions and non-European partners under Erasmus+ KA107, KA2 and KA3 has allowed us to build these alliances that make us advance towards innovation and excellence in specific domains and to position ourselves in the higher education ecosystem. Our aim for the period 2021-2027 is to deepen these alliances and to build new ones. Our institution is highly active in Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships and KA2 Capacity Building in Higher Education mainly with our natural traditional partners in Latin-America and the North of Africa. One step forward is intended with our proposal to build a true interconnected European Campus under the KA2 European Universities call. Our participation in Erasmus+ KA3 intends to produce policy reforms and substantial changes in Educational areas outside our traditional scope such as non-formal learning, vocational education and training, citizenship and cultural heritage. It is a matter of urgency with the present COVID-19 situation to strengthen the teaching and research on European integration under our Jean Monnet modules and Chairs. Finally, the participation in the Sports action is a key strategy for our Sport Sciences Faculty mainly with the essential aim of social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, objectives that will be essential to work on during the period 2021-2027.