Marine Protected Areas
as tools for
management and conservation

Monday, 17 January 2022
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Works published and submitted to scientific journals and contributions to international symposiums


WP1 Booklet:

Planes, S., García-Charton, J.A., Marcos. C & Pérez-Ruzafa, A. (Coord.) 2006. Ecological effects of Atlanto-Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in the European Union. EMPAFISH Project, Booklet nº 1. 158 pp.

WP2 Booklet:

Vandeperre, F., Higgins, R., Santos,R., Marcos. C. & Pérez-Ruzafa, A. (Coord). 2006.Fishery Regimes in Atlanto-Mediterranean European Marine Protected Areas. EMPAFISH Project, Booklet nº 2. 108 pp.

WP3 Booklet:

Alban,F., Appére, G & Boncoeur, J. 2006. Economic Analysis of Marine Protecetd Areas. A literature review. EMPAFISH Project, Booklet nº3.51pp.

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