Marine Protected Areas
as tools for
management and conservation

Friday, 21 January 2022
WP4 Providing and evaluating impact indicators of MPAs Print E-mail
Starting from the results of WP1-3, in a sequential scheme, a set of potential indicators will be evaluated in function of the MPA objectives, and under the different management regimes and MPA typologies identified. Indicators should reflect the state of the system with respect to MPAs goals and objectives. The purpose of indicators should be to enhance communication, transparency, effectiveness and accountability of management of MPAs. They should be a readily understood tool for describing the state of a MPA at certain moment and for assessing trends regarding sustainable development objectives. Moreover, they should also stimulate actions to better achieve the proposed objectives and simplify and harmonise reporting of management of an MPA. Three types of indicators will be considered (each task will constitute a working group):

(a) Ecological indicators

(b) Fisheries indicators

(c) Socio-economic indicators

From this, the best subset of indicators will be proposed, and protocols to implement, monitor and evaluate them will be provided.

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