Competences in digital entrepreneurship of university students

A Project to train university students in digital entrepreneurship through the model we have designed.

What EmDigital is


At Universities, the specification of cross-curricular competences determines the competence profile of all graduate students and two of these competences are the digital and the entrepreneurship ones. Both have served as a cornerstone to design the EmDigital model.

ICT shall be used as a training content, since they represent an essential part of the EmDigital competence (Digital Entrepreneurship), but also as a tool to implement an online, open and mass course. The course will be assessed at both public Universities from the Region of Murcia and will remain openly available once the project is completed.

Entrepreneurship is of one of the outstanding tasks of higher education system and so is digital entrepreneurship, as it is one of the necessary competences for employment creation within a digital society. Our project analyses the context of public Universities from the Region of Murcia and, according to those results, an open access, training course will be designed, addressed to both university lecturers or professors and students.


The four general aims of the EmDigital project are disclosed as follows:


1 Analyse the digital entrepreneurship competences from students in the last academic year of their degrees in the public Universities from the Region of Murcia.

2 Discover the key of digital entrepreneurs’ success based on the analysis of the competences and strategies they involve for the specification and effective achievement of their business projects.

3 Design, implement and assess a training plan focused on the development of digital and entrepreneurship competences for the undergraduate university students.

4 Develop a digital entrepreneurship model around which establishing institutional, educational and personal recommendations regarding improvement processes for the professional growth of our graduate students.