Andrés Millán Sánchez

Dept. Ecology & Hidrology (UMU)

  • PhD in Biological Sciences: University of Murcia, 1991.
  • PhD Thesis: “The Coleoptera Hydradephaga (Haliplidae, Girinidae, Noteridae and Dytiscidae) from Segura river basin. SE Iberian peninsula”. pdf.
  • M.S. in Aquatic Ecology: The Heteroptera (Gerromorpha & Nepomorpha from Segura river basin. SE Iberian peninsula. University of Murcia, 1985.
  • B. Sc. in Biology: University of Murcia, Spain, 1984.
Research interest:

  • Taxonomy, faunistic, ecology and biogeography of aquatic coleoptera and hemiptera from Mediterranean ecosystems.
  • Conservation of insects and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Ecology of saline streams: composition and structure of macroinvertebrate communities, primary and secundary production, food webs.
  • Water beetles from coastal rockpools: metapopulation and metacommunity patterns.
  • Biotic indicators in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Alien species.
  • Environmental flows and their relation with macroinvertebrate communities.

Main research stays:

  • Postdoc grant 1991-1992 Arizona State University, Tempe (Phoenix,  E.E.U.U). Theme: “Organisms reponse to flashflood in intermitent streams of arid zones”

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Complete CV

Selected publications (Updated: 25th october 2020):

SARREMEJANE, R.; CID, N.; STUBBINGTON, R.; DATRY, T.; ALP, M.; CAÑEDO-ARGÜELLES, M.; CORDERO-RIVERA, A.; CSABAI, Z.; GUTIÉRREZ-CÁNOVAS, C.; HEINO, J.; FORCELLINI, M.; MILLÁN, A.;PAILLEX, A.; PAŘIL, P.; POLÁŠEK, M.; TIERNO DE FIGUEROA, JM.; USSEGLIO-POLATERA, P.; ZAMORA-MUÑOZ, C. & BONADA, N. DISPERSE – A trait database to assess the dispersal potential of aquatic macroinvertebrates. Scientific Report. In press.

VILLASTRIGO, A.; HERNANDO, C.; MILLÁN, A. & RIBERA, I. The neglected diversity of the Ochthebius fauna from Eastern Atlantic and Central and Western Mediterranean coastal rockpools (Coleoptera, Hydraenidae). Organisms Diversity & Evolution. In press.

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