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José J. García Clavel
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Economics of Education

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  • Introduction: The analysis of the economic and social determinants and consequences of education is the realm of the Economics of Education.
  • Education economists analyse the effects of education on wages, employment, economic growth and social equality. They scrutinize the role of education in a society’s capability to advance knowledge through research, entrepreneurship and innovation. They estimate how family backgrounds, schools’ resource endowments and institutional features of the education systems determine the quality of education, using observational and experimental data to estimate the effectiveness of education policy interventions.
  • Education economists deal with the public and private financing of different levels of education from pre-school learning to on-the-job training and compare the benefits of each type of education to its costs. And they explore the opportunities and limitations that the employment of markets and incentive-creating institutions in general can bring to an efficient use of scarce resources in the different forms of learning throughout life (...)
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  • Geraint, J (1993): The Economics of Education. Palgrave Macmillan.

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