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Profesor Contratado Doctor
Office: C2/09 Facultad de Economía (Torre C)
Phone: (+34)968 367 909
Fax: (+34)968 363 758

Snail-mail address:

Andrés Romeu
Fundamentos del Análisis Económico
Universidad de Murcia
E-30100 - Espinardo (MURCIA) SPAIN


Fields of Interest

Theory and applications of non-linear econometric models in the empirical analysis of health, transport and family economics and market institutions (auctions).

Papers Published in Scientific Journals

  • Romeu, A, (2004): "ExpEnd: GAUSS Code for Panel Count Data Models", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 19 (3), 429-34.
  • Vera-Hernández, A.M., Romeu, A. (2005): "A Seminonparametric Estimator for Counts with an Endogenous Dummy Variable", Econometrics Journal, 8(1): 1-22. (Download TAR.GZ file with GAUSS code)
  • Fernández, M., Montuenga, V, Romeu, A. (2007): "The Link between Wages and Productivity in Spain", International Review of Applied Economics, 21(2): 247-72.
  • Collado-Vindel, M.D.,Ortuño-Ortín, I., Romeu, A. (2008): "Surnames and Social Status in Spain"Investigaciones Económicas, vol. 32(3), pages 259-287.
  • Collado-Vindel, M.D., Ortuño-Ortin, I., Romeu, A. (2012): "Intergenerational linkages in consumption patterns and the geographical distribution of surnames". Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42(2012), pp.341-350. doi:10.1016/j.regsciurbeco.2011.10.003.
  • Romeu, A, (2011): "Cluster Detection in Laboratory Auction Data: A Model-based Approach", Panoeconomicus, 4, pp. 473-488. doi:10.2298/PAN1104473R.
  • Martinez-Pardina, I., Romeu, A., (2011): "The Case for Multi-Unit Single-Run Descending-Price Auctions", Economics Letters, 113, pp.310-313. doi:10.1016/j.econlet.2011.08.012
  • I. Ortuño-Ortín and A. Romeu, (2013) "Altruism and Exchange in Intergenerational Transfers: The Demand for Children Emergency Room," Modern Economy, Vol. 4 No. 1, pp. 1-9. doi: 10.4236/me.2013.41001.
  • Francisco Martínez-Sánchez and Andres Romeu (2018). "Development and software piracy." Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 12 (2018-8): 1–21. doi: 10.5018/economics-ejournal.ja.2018-8
  • Work in Progress

    Teaching 2017/2018

    • First semester: Microeconomia, Degree in Marketing.
    • Second semester: Instrumentos, Degree in Environment Sciences.

    Open Source materials

    • Russians: una Introducción Divulgativa a la Teoría de Juegos

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