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Ésta es una versión obsoleta y en parte inoperativa, conservada únicamente a efectos de archivo, del subsitio de Antonio Giménez Reíllo, profesor colaborador en el Área de Estudios Árabes e Islámicos de la Universidad de Murcia.

Arabic, to Where? Are We Wasting Time or Are We on the Right Track?

Mesa redonda en Nueva York

Sin duda uno de los acontecimientos más interesantes de este año en relación con la EALE:

What is the future of Arabic teaching and what is the ideal curriculum in a modern world? Are we doing the right thing? Are we wasting time by not teaching the spoken variety? When to teach this variety and how? How are Arabic literacy practices reflected in the classroom? This is possibly the most unique, frank and out-in-the-open panel discussion on Arabic. Rajaa Chouairi, senior Arabic faculty at the United States Military Academy, West Point, will be hosting and leading a frank and open discussion by a panel of four major Arabic pedagogues from the U.S. and England: Karen Ryding, Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University; Leslie McLaughlin, Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, England; Mahdi Alosh, Professor, United States Military Academy, West Point; Munther Younes, Senior Lecturer, Cornell University. Difficult and controversial questions will be asked to people of contradictory opinions with the hope of finding a common ground that will be beneficial for Arabic curriculum development. In English with examples in Arabic and of special interest to college and university faculty.

Mesa redonda: "Arabic, to Where? Are We Wasting Time or Are We on the Right Track?", The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Lugar y fecha: New York Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway, 17.04.2009.

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