AGEYE Marie Curie ITN

The CiViUM Research Group is participating in the AGEYE Marie Curie ITN

image_previewThe Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, named after the double Nobel Prize winning Polish-French scientist famed for her work on radioactivity, support researchers at all stages of their careers, irrespective of nationality.

AGEYE (Ageing Eye) is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network action, funded by the 7th EU framework programme, to foster research training in Vision Sciences. AGEYE is a coherent training and career development platform for the training and career development of young researchers in Vision Sciences. The duration of the project is 48 months, starting from September 2013. It aims to structure the collaboration in research and training between leading academic centres and industrial world in Europe. It places emphasis in experience-based training through cross-disciplinary research projects that will analyse, using state-of-the-art technology, how the young eye’s crystalline lens works.

This information will make it possible to improve the diagnostic tools that are used for cataract and presbyopia. This, in its turn, will contribute to the development and the improvement of therapeutic solutions capable of restoring the adult eye’s visual function back to young eye’s levels. For more information visit

At CiViUM the main line of research the fundamental and applied study of accommodation and its loss with age (presbyopia). It is directed since 2003 by Dr. López-Gil and it is formed by several teachers from the University of Murcia and external collaborators. CiViUM has been founded by several national and european grants as well as privates companies in the field of Optics and Vision.

Other Partners and Members of the ITN

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