Norberto López Gil

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Norberto López Gil

Norberto López Gil studied physics at the University of Granada (1985-90). He realized his Master of Optometry degree at the University of Lieja (Belgium) in 1990-1992. Since the year 1992 he is professor of Optics and Optometry at the University of Murcia. He completed his doctoral thesis in physics (optics) at the University of Valencia in 1997, and during 1997 and 1998 he held his post-doc position at the Cornell University (N.Y., EE.UU). Currently he leads the Vision Sciences Research Group (CiViUM) at the University of Mircia. His primary areas of research are centered around the field of accomodation and presbyopy. He has participated as the lead researcher in over 10 projects and research contracts, has publicated more than 50 articles (the majority in international papers) and presented his work at over 110 meetings and conferences around the world. He also holds 4 patents.

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