CiViUM at the OPTOM 2014 Conference

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Between the 4. and 6. of april, our research group has participated in the 23. International Conference OPTOM 2014 in Madrid. Our members have given five presentations;

  • Does the amplitude of accomodation change with axial refraction?
  • Does the depth of field of the eye change while the eye accomodates?
  • Feasibility of a new, portable, binocular autorefractometer versus other objective methods of refraction measurement.
  • Influence of the pupil size on the amplitude of accomodation.
  • Do certain aberrations help to have a larger amplitude of accomodation?

Download information about the Presentations of the CiViUM at the OPTOM 2014 (formato pdf, Spanish).

civium (from latin, genitive plural of civis-civis, "belong to the citizens")