Amount of aspheric intraocular lens decentration that maintains the intraocular lens’ optical advantages

A recent publication from researchers of CiViUM group in the “Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery” gives explanation to undesirable effects suffered by some patients of cataract surgery, replacing its crystalline lens with and aspheric intraocular lens. This type of lens is specially designed with the aim to enhance images in the patient’s retina.

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However, clinical studies show that some patients experience a worsening of their vision regarding the expected results. In the published paper it is shown through mathematical calculations that improper centering of the intraocular lens during operation causes a loss of quality in the patient’s vision. This study allows to know a priori for each aspheric lens design, the amount of decentration (tenths of a millimeter) that can be tolerated in the intervention in order to the special design of these lenses do not end up eroding the quality of the patient’s vision for what they were devised.

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