8 studies presented in the worldwide largest Vision meeting (ARVO2016, Seattle)

Several members and collaborators from CiViUM have presented recently some research studies in the Annual Meeting organized by the Association for the çResearch in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), celebrated in Seattle (WA, USA).


The papers and posters presented were:

  • G. Labuz et al. Straylight from explanted intraocular lenses.
  • E. Papadatou et al. Assessing the optical quality of commercially available intraocular lenses by means of modulation transfer function and straylight.
  • J. Zapata-Diaz et al. Impact of higher-order aberrations on depth-of-field.
  • I. Marin-Frach et al. Does dynamic accommodation respond to the shape of the blurred retinal image without changes in physical vergence?
  • P. Bernal-Molina et al. Effect of phenylephrine on static and dynamic accommodation.
  • N. Lopez-Gil et al. Retinal blood vessels may be used to detect the sign of defocus.
  • S. Bonaque-Gonzalez et al. Improving vision by pupil shape optimization. (Awarded with a ARVO travel grant).
  • M. Jaskulski et al. Retinal Image Simulation and Image Quality Estimation of MPlus Multi-Focal IOL’s Based on Aberrometric Data.

Link for the full abstracts: http://www.arvo.org/online_planner/

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