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Students of the Universidad de Mar Learn to Measure the Vison of People with Psychological Disorders

Allowing the students can learn how to measure the vision of people with psychological disorders was one of the goals of the summer course celebrated in Águilas last weekend – XI Summer Course on Actual Aspects of Vision Of the International Universidad del Mar (University of Murcia). The course has united various experts in the fields related to vision, two of them from United States of America and was celebrated in the old Cuartel (police station of the Guardia Civil) in Calabardina (Águilas). This beautiful location belongs to the Asociación Asprodes (Asprodes Society) which has under its care 200 people with physical deficiencies. Thanks to the work of the professors and students of the course, those who need it will be prescribed and given glasses they require. The Asprodes Society has generously granted the organizers of the course the use if the beautiful Cuartel. The course has been organized by the professors of the University of Murcia – Fernández Sánchez and Norberto López Gil.
Alumnos y Profesores del Curso de Aspectos Avanzados en VisionOptometrista Francisco LaraOptometrista Francisco Lara

It is finally demonstrated that the accommodative error is due to the depth of field

Recent research of various members of the CiViUM group, published in the OVS review, shows by means of adaptive optics what was known since a long time but has not been demonstrated so far – the accommodative lag present in every accommodating eye is dependant in its major part on the depth of field of the eye. More details in the article:

CiViUM at the VPOptics Optical Conference in Poland

Various members of the CiViUM presented some of their last research results at the Visual and Physiological Optics 2014 Meeting in the beautiful city of Wroclaw (Poland).

Presented was the following research:

  • J. F. Zapata-Díaz, N. López-Gil (Spain, UK) Accommodation and age-dependent eye model based on in vivo measurements. (Poster).
  • M. Jaskulski, L. Thibos, D. R. Iskander, N. López Gil (Spain, USA, Poland) Modelling of the effects of chromatic aberration on the accommodative response. (Poster).
  • P. Bernal-Molina, J. F. Castejón-Mochón, N. López-Gil (Spain) Refraction changes causes by Stiles-Crawford effect in the presence of spherical aberration: a theoretical study. (Poster).
  • N. López Gil, D. López-Alcón, P. Bernal-Molina, F. Vargas, L. Thibos (Spain, USA) Individual variation in the amplitude of accommodation in subjects with a similar age. (Oral).

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