The School of Archaeology CEPOAT is configured through the training of students in different excavations in which the Centre participated either directly, in cooperation or support of other archaeological projects and serve well as a research work for training of our students in different branches and specializations of archeology, suc as stratigraphy, Ceramology, archaeozoology archaeobotany, geoarchaeology, anthracology, palynology, GIS, photogrammetry, arqueoestadística, information technology, anthropology, virtualization and 3D reconstruction, etc .. All integrated with history as our ultimate goal will be to history through these disciplines.

At the CEPOAT center we rely on professionals who can form students during our courses in different branches  of study so that during the summer months in which we conduct our archaeological campaigns, they can  become real  learning campaigns through collaborative work and face to face teaching.

inveThese teachings and dissemination tasks are carried out both in the free seminars face-to-face we conduct throughout the year in the Cepoat Center through on-line courses or these field practical courses:

Yearly face-to-face seminars at the Cepoat Center:

– Seminar on Ceramics: from prehistory to the modern age.
– Seminar on Ceramics: Ceramic drawing inventory and site of the Baths of Fortuna.
– Seminar of use and handles Total Station.
– Seminar photogrammetry.
– Seminar KAP (Kite Aerial Photography).

As well as through our many online courses in our Virtual Classroom.


As in the excavations through training courses that you can see in this web.



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