Prados, F., Jiménez, H., Martínez, J.J. (Eds.) (2017). Menorca entre fenicis i púnics / Menorca entre fenicios y púnicos. Murcia: Centro de Estudios del Próximo Oriente y la Antigüedad Tardía de la Universidad de Murcia. 320 págs

Pete Missingham (University of Bristol)

DOI: 10.6018/pantarei/2018/9

Menorca, as its name implies, is the ‘small’ island of the Balearics, easily overshadowed by Mallorca, and when it comes to Phoenician and Punic affairs, also and especially, by Ibiza. This has resulted in an unfair knowledge ‘vacuum’ surrounding the island of Menorca. In a similar vein, the archaeology of the Talaiotic culture, subject of a submission to UNESCO, has distracted attention away from the other archaeology present on the island. This book seeks to address this issue. A team of archaeologists lead by Fernando Prados, from the University of Alicante, have been at work since 2014 in an effort to elucidate the presence and status of any Phoenicio-Punic archaeology. This book has the feeling of a once-in-a-generation event and sets a high standard for future Menorcan archaeology books to be measured against.



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