Livi-Bacci, Massimo (2012). A Short History of Migration. Cambridge: Polity Press. 157 pages

Alejandro Salamanca Rodríguez (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg)

DOI: 10.6018/pantarei/2018/12


A Short History of Migration is not only a history book: it is also a thought-provoking analysis of the present and future of migration which includes some policy suggestions and interesting reflections about the evolution of migration policies and demographics in Europe from a longue durée perspective. Almost a decade after its publication, the predictions of the book are still up-to-date and relevant to the current debates on migration in Europe. The author, Massimo Livi-Bacci (b. 1936) is one of the leading voices in the field of demography and a Professor Emeritus of Demography in the University of Florence. During his prolific career, he has published books and articles about the historical demographic evolution of colonial America, Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain, as well as introductory handbooks to global historic demography such as A Concise History of the World Population.


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