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Analytical tool for monitoring and objective control of the health status of pigs using saliva samples.

Project PID2020-116310RB-I00 financed by:

Summary PigMarKSaL proposal 2020.

The purpose of the proposal is to develop an optimal health status monitoring tool for an appropriate prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of porcine pathologies in the field.

It is expected to avoid blood sampling procedure from the whole porcine production system preventing a reduction in animal welfare and consequently obtaining an improve in the quality and safety of food of animal origin. For that end, collecting saliva as a non-invasive and minimally stressful way to obtain analytical samples is proposed in accordance with animal welfare guidelines. Furthermore, this sampling procedure is simpler and requires no sophisticated equipment and could be performed by personnel with limited training.

Nowadays the utility of saliva as analytical sample in porcine medicine is known so the present proposal will go deeply in its potential use by monitoring indicative markers of the different response mechanisms of pigs. The connection between the different mechanism of response against homeostasis disturbances, such as viral or bacterial infection or local inflammation, varied depending on the process, therefore the characterization of the main common porcine diseases along the production system will provide an analytical overview of the specific pathological conditions studied.

Advanced statistical analysis will be employed to obtain an optimal analytic profile that will allow the differentiation between the diverse health status studied and the link between all single markers analyzed and the systems involved in the homeostasis disturbance.

To achieve the objectives of the proposal, previously validated assays will be used to quantify the levels of the selected novel biomarkers. Moreover, sampling procedure will be optimized to avoid any possible effect that could influence the analytical results and animals will be subjected to complete veterinary clinical examination and tests for specific diseases diagnosis.

Moreover, a digital tool will be designed for the connection of farmers, veterinarians and laboratories for a simple, quick and direct collection of samples and information. Finally, an optimal and periodic way for animal health and welfare status monitoring will be obtained by the incorporation of productive, analytical and clinic parameters in the control and classification programs of porcine farms.

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Personnel involved:

  • Anna Bassols Teixidó (UAB).
  • Pablo Fuentes Pardo (CefuSa).
  • Francisco Javier Ibañez López (UM).
  • Julián González Prieto (PigChamp).
  • Ana María Gutiérrez Montes (Investigadora principal) (UM).
  • Matilde Piñeiro (Acuvet Biotech).
  • Carlos Piñeiro Noguera (PigChamp).
  • Gerardo Diego Robles Reinaldos (UM).
  • Susana Ros Lara (UM).
  • Yolanda Saco Rodríguez (UAB).
  • Jorge Sánchez Hernández (CefuSa).
  • Juan Sotillo Mesanza (UM).