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Research Group

BioVetMed was establish officially in 2017 as a research group of the Veterinary School at the University of Murcia. 

The objectives of BioVetMed research group is to monitor animal health status and welfare using biological specimens which involve no-invasive and minimally stressful sampling procedures.

BioVetMed is focused on farm animals, mainly pigs and cows. However, the collaboration with other institutions and companies allows a global implementation of BioVetMed knowledge in veterinary medicine.


Ana María Gutiérrez Montes is the leader of BioVetMed which has a team of researchers with wide expertise in the collaboration with companies and institutions related to the sector.


BioVetMed use basic research knowledge, based on proteomics techniques and analytics, to generate a research advance in the livestock sector after a rigorous clinical trial.


The purpose of BioVetMed is to apply our analytical tools for the prevention or even the prediction of animal pathologies, for treatment optimization and for the improvement of animal health status and welfare.