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About BioVetMed

BioVetMed is a multidisciplinary research group, led by Dr. Ana María Gutiérrez Montes. Started in May 2017 with the aim of providing a useful and practical tool in the control of the health and welfare of production animals.

The ultimate goal of its research is to provide an optimal biomarker profile to monitor animal health status in a routine, simple and inexpensive way. The use of saliva as a routine analytical sample in the laboratory is recommended, because it is obtained in a simple way, causing minimal discomfort to the sampled animals, and being able to be collected by personnel with minimal training, without the need for the presence of a vet.

BioVetMed focuses its research activity on the search for specific analytical patterns of the health condition of the animals at the time of sampling.

In the field of animal nutrition, research has focused on monitoring resilience to stress generated by intensive production systems through the use of certain food additives.

It is a group with extensive collaborative experience with companies in the animal production sector, having participated in recent years in various research contracts, some of them with important multinationals related to the field of animal health.

In addition, BioVetMed collaborates with researchers from major international universities and research centers creating a multidisciplinary network that shares the most up-to-date scientific knowledge with the aim of improving veterinary and livestock work while guaranteeing the well-being and health of animals.

Ana María Gutiérrez Montes

Ana María Gutiérrez Montes

Investigadora principal


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Ana María Montes Cepeda

Ana María Montes Cepeda



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Juan Sotillo Mesanza

Juan Sotillo Mesanza



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Ana María Gutiérrez Montes
Ana María Montes Cepeda
Juan Sotillo Mesanza

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Ingrid Miller
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Francisco Ibáñez López (Técnico estadístico)
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Jorge Sánchez Hernández

Rafaél Arana Sánchez

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