About ALEL 2016

This will be the sixth edition of the International Conference in Optimization Theory and its Applications. This meeting is co-organized by the universities of Murcia, Cartagena, Limoges, Alicante and Miguel Hernández (Elche). The first and fourth editions took place at University of Limoges, France, the second was held at University of Alicante, the third in Castro Urdiales and the fifth in Seville.

Aim and scope

The main goal of this meeting is to build a strong network in Optimization and Applied Analysis which connects researchers from Spain, France and other countries with the aim of promoting a broad exchange of information and new developments in the areas of convex and nonsmooth analysis, numerical methods and semi-infinite optimization, among others.
The schedule is built under a limited number of talks, with no parallel sessions and many discussions, including a poster session, particularly to give young researchers the opportunity to participate actively.

Scientific committee

  • Samir Adly, Université de Limoges
  • Bernardo Cascales, Universidad de Murcia
  • María Josefa Cánovas, Universidad de Elche
  • Miguel Ángel Goberna Torrent, Universidad de Alicante
  • Marco A. López Cerdá, Universidad de Alicante (Co-chair)
  • Victoria Martín Márquez, Universidad de Sevilla
  • José Orihuela, Universidad de Murcia (Honor-chair)
  • Michel Théra, Université de Limoges (Co-chair)

IV Workshop in Functional Analyisis

Maybe you could be interested in the IV Workshop in Functional Analysis, which will be held from June 9 to June 10 in Cartagena.


Please fill the form to register. Participants who would like to present a poster are encouraged to submit an abstract to matias(at)um.es for consideration by the Scientific Committee.

There is a registration fee of 120 euro. This fee includes coffee breaks + conference banquet + lunch meals.


The ALEL2016 will be held in the historic building of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena which was in the past an Instruction Center of the Army (CIM), located opposite to the port, and that currently is partially occupied by the Naval Museum and the Faculty of Business.

Conference dinner

Conference dinner will be held in Restaurante Mare Nostrum on Tuesday at 21h00.


The 7th International Seminar on Optimization and Variational Analysis (OVA7) will be held in University of Alicante, the days 1, 2 and 3 of June of 2016. This will be the seventh edition of a series of seminars organized, since 2007, by the "Optimization and Stability" research groups of Alicante and Miguel Hernández (Elche) Universities.

Past editions