Valencia has a big offer of hotels of very different styles and prices. We recommend Hotel Olympia Universidades ( ). It is very well located: about 20-minute walk or three tramway stops from the University. It is right opposite to a "metro" (underground) station that gets to the city centre in 5 minutes. It is located at the lively neighbourhood of Benimaclet, where several bars and restaurants can be found.
Another option, also at a walking distance (about 15 minutes) from the University is Hotel Renasa
At the city centre there are plenty of hotels, but you will need some public transport (either metro or bus) to get to the Univesity. Some hotels (of different prices) that have a stop nearby are Hotel Vinccy Lys, Hotel Astoria, Hotel Casual Valencia or Hotel Sorolla Centro.

We would like to point out that on October 22nd (this is the Sunday after the conference) the Valencia half marathon takes place. This means that a big part of the city will be closed to traffic, and this will make it difficult to reach the airport or the railway stations (metro will work regularly, but it takes longer than a taxi). On the other hand, this is a big event (last year 13500 people took part). Many people come from outside, and the hotels are full for that weekend. More information about the race (including the route) can be found at their web page (click here). We suggest to take this into account when planning the trip.

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