5th Workshop on Functional Analysis

Maria D Acosta
A characterization of the Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property for operators for the pair $(\ell_\infty ^4,Y)$

Ramon J. Aliaga
Preserved extreme points in Lipschitz-free spaces

Christian Bargetz
Porosity results for sets of strict contractions

Cleon Barroso
A new characterization of weak compactness

Oscar Blasco
Embeddings and Lebesgue-type inequalities for the greedy algorithm in Banach spaces

Jesús M. F. Castillo
Stability properties of the differential process generated by complex interpolation

Willian Corrêa
Type and Twisted Sums Induced by Complex Interpolation

Marek Cuth
Finitely additive measures and complementability of Lipschitz-free spaces

Elhadj Dahia
Factorization of $(p,\sigma)$-continuous operators

Loïc Demeulenaere
An open question about diametral dimensions

Marian Fabian
Non-separable Banach spaces studied via projectional skeletons and "rich" families of their separable subspaces

Orlando Galdames Bravo
On $p$-summing operators that factor through $L^p$-spaces of a vector measure

Fernando García-Castaño
Geometric Properties of Cones

Luis C. García-Lirola
Extremal structure of Lipschitz free spaces

Karl Grosse-Erdmann
Frequently hypercyclic bilateral shifts

Oleksiy Karlovych
The Coburn-Simonenko theorem for Toeplitz operators acting between Hardy type subspaces of different Banach function spaces

Aleksei Lissitsin
Systems of seminorms on spaces of operators and weak bounded approximation properties

Manuel López-Pellicer
$C^{b}(X)$ Lindelöf-$\Sigma $

Jorge Losada
Variable exponent sequence spaces revisited

Gonzalo Martínez Cervantes
Banach spaces with weak*-sequential dual ball

Julia Martsinkevitš
Uniqueness of norm-preserving extensions of functionals on strict ideals

Quentin Menet
Invariant subspaces in Fréchet spaces

Vicente Montesinos
Weakly compactly generated Banach spaces and some of their relatives classified by using projectional skeletons

Fernando Muñoz Jiménez
The Bartle-Dunford-Schwartz and the Dinculeanu-Singer Theorems revisited

David Nicolas Nenning
On groups of Hölder diffeomorphisms and their regularity

Matěj Novotný
Distortion of Lipschitz Functions on $c_0(\Gamma)$

Antonio M. Peralta
On the chances to extend a surjective isometry between the unit spheres of two operator algebras

Colin Petitjean
The linear structure of some dual Lipschitz free spaces

Oleg Reinov
On $Z_d$-symmetry of spectra of linear operators in Banach spaces

Abraham Rueda Zoca
A metric characterisation of Daugavet property in Lipschitz-free spaces

Gerhard Schindl
On the extension of Whitney ultrajets

Workshop on Infinite Dimensional Analysis Valencia 2017

Salud Bartoll
On the dynamics associated to the hyperbolic heat transfer equation

Rodrigo Cardeccia
Orbits of homogeneous polynomials on Banach spaces

Jaime Castillo-Medina
Multiple Dirichlet Series

Yun Sung Choi
The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property on bounded closed convex sets

Sheldon Dantas
Recent results of the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as point property

Elisa Regina dos Santos
Polynomial Daugavet property for representable spaces

Romuald Ernst
Hypercyclic sets

Javier Falcó
Algebras of hypercyclic vectors

Maite Fernández-Unzueta
The Segre cone of Banach spaces and Σ-operators

Daniel Galicer
The class of p-compact mappings in the operator space setting

Samuel García
Factorizations of Multilinear Operators via $\Sigma$-Operators

Clifford Gilmore
Growth rates of frequently hypercyclic harmonic functions

Joaquín M. Gutiérrez
Some progress on the polynomial Dunford-Pettis property

Svitlana Halushchak
Spectra of some algebras of entire functions of bounded type, generated by the sequence of polynomials on a Banach space

Michal Johanis
A remark on smooth images of Banach spaces

Sebastián Lajara
Inversion of nonsmooth maps between Banach spaces

Mary Lilian Lourenço
Biholomorphic functions on dual Banach spaces

Martín Ignacio Mansilla
The sup-norm vs. the norm of the coefficients

Felipe Marceca
Some remarks on non-symmetric polarization

Martín Diego Mazzitelli
Multilinear Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund inequalities

Mariano Merzbacher
The minimal volume of simplices containing a convex body

Alejandro Miralles
Interpolating sequences for weighted spaces of analytic functions on the unit ball of a Hilbert space

Luiza A. Moraes
Algebras of Lorch analytic mappings defined in uniform algebras

Dimitris Papathanasiou
Hypercyclic Algebras

Raymond A. Ryan
The Radius of Analyticity for Real Analytic Functions

Sunke Schlüters
Non-symmetric polarization

Ingo Schoolmann
Hardy type spaces of general Dirichlet series

Melisa Scotti
Random unconditional convergence of vector-valued Dirichlet series

Joaquín Camilo Singer
Homomorphisms between uniform algebras of holomorphic functions, a look through the spectrum

Pablo Turco
On mappings between Banach spaces preserving $\mathcal A$-compact sets

Taras Vasylyshyn
The spectrum of the algebra of symmetric analytic functions on $L_\infty$

Andriy Zagorodnyuk
Some problems related to algebras of symmetric analytic functions on Banach spaces

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