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This is the website of the Spanish research team behind Backbone, SACODEYL, LINDSEI-UMU-Spain, and ICCI-UMU-Spain.


Jose María Alcaraz

Jose María Alcaraz Calero was graduated on Computer Science at University San Antonio of Murcia. He was graduated as valedictorian of his/her class. After that, he was graduated on Computer Engineering at University of Murcia with an academic record that rewarded him with the “Honourable Mention to the Academic Excellence”. He received his master degree “Master in Advanced Information and Telematic Technologies” which has a Quality Mention granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. He was awarded with a FPI research grant (Research Teacher Training) by the National Science Council. He did his PhD on “Autonomic Computing, Semantic Web and Security” in collaboration with University of Murcia, Spain and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, UK. He has several professional certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associated CCNA and Sun Certified Java Developer, among others. He was appointed from the Distinguished Computer Science Association as member of the Official Forensic Science. He is also membership of the IEEE and ACM associations.

He has written several publications in high quality journals in Computer Science as well as International Conferences. He is reviewer in several high quality journals such as IET Communications Journal, International Journal of Communication Systems, Information Security Journal, Journal of Knowledge and Information Systems, Journal for Science and Engineering, among others. He is also Technical Program Committee member on several International Conferences such as IEEE World Congress on Services, IADIS International Conference Telecommunications, Networks and Systems, among others. He is Editorial Board Member of the IET Journal Wireless Sensor Systems.

Currently, he is working on Automated Infrastructure Lab, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol, UK on Cloud Computing architectures. At same time, he is also lecture at Faculty of Computer Science, University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain. He is teacher on several subjects such as “Networks”, “Computational Logics and Languages”, “Middleware, Security and Cryptographic Agents”, among others. He has been involved in several teaching innovation projects. He also has been involved in many National and European Research Projects.
e-mail: jmalcaraz at um . es

Pascual Pérez-Paredes

Pascual Pérez-Paredes completed his PhD in Applied Linguistics in 1999 after a research stay at The Univesity of Texas at Austin. His main interests are quantitative research of register variation, the compilation and use of language corpora and the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching/Learning. He has been project coordinator of a MINERVA initiative funded by the European Commission: SACODEYL, and at the moment is also involved in corpus-based international projects such as LINDSEI (UCL) and ICCI (TUFS). During the 2009-2010 academic year, he is completing a research stay at the English Department in Northern Arizona University. He is also a qualified Official Translator.

e-mail: pascualf at um . es

Purificación Sánchez Hernández

Purificación Sánchez studied Modern Languages (English and German) at the University of Salamanca and joined the English Department at the University of Murcia in 1997 where she presented her doctoral dissertation. She got a grant in 1995 from the Shakespeare Trust in Stradford-upon-Avon and was a visiting professor at the University of Calgary in Canada in 2001. She has published mostly on the didactics of English language and English for Specific Purposes . Her main areas of writing and research include teaching English language, language through literature and English for Specific Purposes, mainly biology. She coordinates EU-research-funded project Learning and Teaching of Children’s Literature in Europe.

e-mail: purisan at um . es

María Sánchez Tornel

María Sánchez Tornel graduated in English Studies from the University of Murcia in 2007. She was awarded a collaboration grant by the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2006 and a grant for young researchers by the University of Murcia in 2007. After finishing her degree, she completed an MA in Applied Linguistics. Her MA thesis is entitled “Metacognitive Strategies in Computer-assisted Language Learning Environments”. In 2009 she obtained a research grant under the EU-funded research project Corpora for Content and Language Integrated Learning: BACKBONE and afterwards she was awarded a PhD research scholarship by the University of Murcia. Now she is fully devoted to her doctoral thesis on the use of linguistic corpora in the foreign language classroom. She is particularly interested in corpus consultation by students and in the the concept of corpus literacy.

She is a member of EuroCALL (European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning) and has also been a member of the organizing committees of conferences and scientific events at the University of Murcia.
e-mail: mariasst at googlemail . com



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