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Arte y activismo

puntuacion Arte y activismo. Públicado en:

puntuacion BAIGORRIA, Osvaldo. El arte como una forma de la política. Publicado en (25.02.2006).

puntuacion CARTE, Mark y YENAWINE, Rebecca. Art Action for Social Change: Kids on the Hill. A theory of change in three parts: Experiential Education, Art Action, Civic Engagement.

puntuacion CRUZ, Jan Cohen. An Introduction to Community Art and Activism. Some history, theory and personal perspective on activist art for community change.

puntuacion DeNOBRIGA, Kathie y SCHWARZMAN, Mat. Community-based Art for Social Change. A definitive essay on art and social change.

puntuacion FRYE BURNHAM, Linda. Conversations at the Intersection of Art and Activism. Ideas from “FOCAS: Focus on Community Arts South” by Alternate ROOTS.

puntuacion FRYE BURNHAM, Linda. The Artist as Activist. Introduction to Part II of “The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena,” anthology of articles from High Performance magazine.

puntuacion IYER, Geetha. Arts, Activism and Humanity – The Prison Creative Arts Project. Investing in the voices of the incarcerated.

puntuacion LIPPARD, Luc. Silence Still = Death. The art critic views the work of activist Michael Nash and his cohorts in ACT UP as art.

puntuacion NAVARRE, Max. Art in the AIDies: An Act of Faith. The late playwright ponders making art in the face of death, and talks with other prominent artists with AIDS about their issues related to art, survival and political fury.

puntuacion SCHWARZMAN, Mat. It’s About Transformation: Thoughts on Arts as Social Action. Essay on roles of arts and activism.

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