Miembros fundadores del Lab

Veronica Perales
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Verónica Perales is in charge of the Spanish translation of the ARIS client. European PhD from the Department of Fine Arts at the Castilla-La Mancha University (FR/SP). Faculty Member in the Fine Arts Faculty of Murcia University in Spain. “Teaching Concept, Idea and Artistic discourse” and “Audiovisual and Multimedia projects” (graduate students) and “Digital Media for artistic Creation” (master Degree). Co-founder of international art collective Transnational Temps (2001), promoting respect for the biosphere as a living organism and the use of technological advancements to foment knowledge of the natural environment. Thinking about ARIS like a creative tool for hypermedia projects.
Fred Adam
Fred Adam teached Multimedia at the Art School of the University of Murcia, Spain between 2011 and 2013. He is a specialist in “Locative Media” using mobile smart phones at the GPS Museum Laboratory to teach Hypermedia Narratives in various universities and art centers. His art career as a member of TransnationalTemps collective has combined the fields of art, technology and ecology to produce exhibits around Europe and win various awards. “I discovered ARIS in 2010 and now I promote this tool in Spain and France. I translated the ARIS iPhone client in French and offer my services as ARIS trainer in Europe. Please contact me if you like at supercluster.eu
Verónica Perales y Fred Adam son colaboradores internacionales del proyecto ARIS Games de la Universidad de Wisconsin en Madison. Colaboran en España con el colectivo Escoitar para la experimentación con el entorno de creación sonora geolocalizada Notours.

Participantes a la ARIS Game Jam 2012

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2012 - 04 / From the Art School of the University of Murcia (U.M) in Spain, we are launching a local "ARIS" team to participate in the great international event "ARIS Global Game Jam" grouping various universities all around the world. Our purpose will be to study efficient technics to storyboard locative apps and build a educational prototype with ARIS. We will work around biology, elaborating a locative iphone app with ARIS to explore the microcosmos of our campus...a small secret until the event .) !
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Antonio Nicolas, profesor Asociado de audiovisual en el departamento de Bellas Artes de la Facultad de Murcia. Un profesor con inestimable conocimiento en el lenguaje cinematográfico.
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Gerardo Robles Reinaldos, profesor Contratado Doctor en el departamento de Bellas Artes de la Facultad de Murcia. Gerardo es especialista en creación de espacios 3D.
María Pérez Marcos y Mª Carmen Fenor, alumnas del Departamento de Biología de la U.M