Negative Aesthetic Experience and Artistic Value

The 10th Workshop on Aesthetic Experience will take place in Murcia on the 14-15 May 2015. The topic will be Negative Aesthetic Experience and Artistic Value including Carole Talon-Hugon as main speaker. The program is available here.

Mixed Feelings, Mixed Categories?

The IX Workshop on Aesthetic Experience took place in San Sebastián between the 19th and the 20th of December 2014. The topic Mixed Feelings, Mixed Categories? gathered works from researchers from the Universities of Murcia, UPV-EHU, Autónoma de Barcelona, and Kent.

Alicia Bermejo PhD in Philosophy

On the 10th of July this year, Alicia Bermejo Salar, former PhD student in the Area of Aesthetics and Theory of Arts of the Department of Philosophy of The University of Murcia presented and defended her doctoral thesis “The Problem of Interpretation in Art: Intention and Meaning”, supervised by Francisca Pérez Carreño. Her work has … Read more

New Research Project

Mª José Alcaraz León leads a new research project, “Aesthetic value and its relationship to other values in appreciative practice”,  funded by the Program Jóvenes Líderes en Investigación de la Fundación Séneca-Agencia de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Región de Murcia (18958/JLI/13). The project will last from 01/07/2014 until 30/06/2016. The members of this research group … Read more

“Estética” is now available

Estética has just been published by Tecnos (Madrid). The book is comprised of eight essays on central questions in philosophical aesthetics with articles by Mª José Alcaraz, Matilde Carrasco, Robert Hopkins, Derek Matravers, Paca Pérez Carreño, Salvador Rubio, Marta Tafalla and Gerard Vilar. More information:  

VIII Young Researchers of Murcia Awards

Mª José Alcaraz has won the VIII edition of the Awards with which Fundación Séneca distinguishes young researchers of Murcia. In 2012, the award was given for research in Humanities and Social Sciences and, from the 26 candidates, the tribunal chose María José Alcaraz due to her exceptional career studying “the Philosophy of Art and, … Read more

The most downloaded dissertation in 2011-2012

Mª José Alcaraz’s PhD dissertation Arthur Danto’s definition of art: from indiscernible objects to embodied meanings has been the most downloaded one in the University of Murcia during the academic year 2011-2012. For this reason, Mª José Alcaraz and her tutor Paca Pérez Carreño were awarded at a ceremony that took place the 19th of … Read more

El hilo de Ariadna

The exhibition El hilo de Ariadna. Lectores, navegantes opened in Casa del Lector, Madrid, from the 18th of October 2012 to the 17th of March, 2013. The exhibition’s curator is Francisco Jarauta. The assistant curators, Pedro Medina and Javier Maseda, created the catalogue which can be donwloaded from http://www.El_Hilo_de_Ariadna_Catalogo_Exposicion.pdf.      

Como si lo estuviera viendo

Como si lo estuviera viendo. La memoria en imágenes by Salvador Rubio Marco has been published by Antonio Machado Libros. Paca Pérez Carreño gave the presentation of the book the 1st of February, 2012 in the Faculty of Philosophy of Murcia.