Philosophy of Photography

On Friday the 16th of February, we analyze the Philosophy of Photography with Paloma Atencia Linares and Zsolt Bátori More info Cartel

Workshop on Fiction and Knowledge

The XII Workshop on Aesthetic Experience will take place in Murcia on 4-5 December 2017 at Hemeroteca Clara Campoamor (Campus de la Merced). The workshop will gather national and international researchers who will disccus on “Fiction and Knowledge”. This event is sponsored by Spanish Research Council via “Experiencia estética de las artes y complejidad de … Read more

Zsolt Bátori Visiting Researcher in Murcia

Aresmur Group welcomes proffesor Zsolt Bátori, Department of Sociology and Communication in Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is now working in the Faculty of Philosophy of Murcia as Visiting Researcher in the Programa “Jiménez de la Espada” de Movilidad, Cooperación e Internacionalización, until the 30th of June 2018.

El valor del arte

The members of our projects are the authors of “El valor del arte” (Antonio Machado, 2017, ISBN:978-84-7774-322-4), a book that tries to elucidate from different perspectives what makes art so valuable. We’d invite you to share our reflections and enjoy art!

Las artes y la Filosofía

We are very happy to inform about the publication of “Las artes y la Filosofía” (UNAM, 2016, ISBN 978-607-745-488-5) edited by Mª José Alcaraz and Alessandro Bertinetto. In the book, several members of our projects and other colleagues deal with philosophical problems as they arise in nature and specific artistic practices such as painting, sculpture, … Read more

Seminar with Alessandro Bertinetto

Alessandro Bertinetto (University of Udine, Italy) will be in Murcia presenting his paper “Being true to the moment. Improvisation and musical authenticity” at 12:00 on the Wednesday 29th of March, 2017. Room Taller de Estética (3rd floor “Luis Vives” Building, Campus de Espinardo).

In Memoriam, Fabian Dorsch

We are deeply sorry to report the death of Fabian Dorsch, Associate Research Professor at the Philosophy Department of the University of Fribourg, and a dear colleague and friend. Fabian was a bright philosopher and we have been very lucky to have him over many years working with us in many projects, events, and meetings, … Read more

Seminar with Elisa Caldarola

Dr. Elisa Caldarola, from the University of Padova and currently a visiting researcher at the Department of Philosophy and Anthropology of the University of Santiago de Compostela, was visiting Murcia on the 24th of January where she gave a talk on “Strategies of Conceptual Art: Prop Oriented Make-Believe and Exemplification”.

Meeting Research Projects

The annual meeting of the research projects “Aesthetic value and its relationship to other values in appreciative practice” (18958/JLI/13) and “Aesthetic experience of the arts and the complexity of perception” (FFI2015-64271-P) will take place in Murcia from the 16-17 December, 2016. The venue will be the “Jacobo de las Leyes” Room at the ground floor … Read more

Seminar with Anne Eaton

On Monday 20th of June, Anne Eaton (Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago) will give the talk “On the Moral Significance of Pictures”, followed by discussion. The seminar will take place at Sala Jacobo de las Leyes (Hemeroteca “Clara Campoamor”, Campus de la Merced, Murcia) at 11:30. Free entrance.