Exhibition: Zsolt Bátori’s “The orchard and the city”

The exhibition of the photographs by Zsolt Bátori “The Orchard and the City” will open on May the 20th at 20:00. We invite those who have the chance to visit it, until the 30th of June, and enjoy his great work.
The catalogue, both in Spanish and English, includes texts by Zsolt and other members of our research group Aresmur. There, we reflect on the images via an updated recovery of traditional categories of the aesthetics of nature and environment — such as beauty or the sublime — and of the aesthetics of art — such as mimesis and the cognitive enlightenment that art is supposed to offer about our experience of the world and of ourselves. Yet at the same time, the contributors make use of more recent and specific aesthetic-artistic categories of the medium, such as photographic abstraction.
The catalogue will be available soon in our website