The Subdepartment of Physical Anthropology of the Department of Zoology and Physical Anthropology is in the Biology Faculty situated on the Espinardo Campus of Murcia of the University of Murcia in SE Spain. Our Subdepartment telephon is 34-868-88364997, or you can fax us on 34-868-883963. The Professor-in-Charge is Dr. Michael J. Walker (e-mail who came in 1988 from the Anthropology Department at Sydney University, Australia, where had had taught for nearly fifteen years, and before that he had been a tenured Lecturer in Human Anatomy at Edinburgh University, U.K., and junior research fellow at The Queen's College of Oxford University where he gained his D.Phil. in 1973 for research into Murcian Palaeoanthropology and Prehistory, after taking degrees in Medicine, Animal Physiology, and Prehistoric Archaeology.

Michael Walker teaches an optional course unit on "Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology" in the first part of the 5-year Biology degree course. This degree is being replaced by a new 4-year degree. As the new degree is being brought in during 2010-2011, while he gives the old course unit, a new obligatory course unit on “Physical and Biological Anthropology” for second-year undergrads is being taught by his assistant Dr. Josefina ("Finuqui") Zapata-Crespo. She is a Murcia University biologist who gained her doctorate in 2002 for her research on late Roman cemetery populations from the sea-port of Mazarrón on the Murcian coast. Michael Walker gave a course unit on “Human Evolution” in the old degree course, and he will give one of the same name in the new degree course. Dr. Walker also offers postgraduate courses on "Human Ecology: Then and Now", "Problems of Modern Human Origins", and "Palaeoanthropology in Context", in a doctoral programme run jointly between our own Department and the Ecology Department. Murcia University biology graduate Antonio López Jiménez is preparing a thesis on the Pleistocene Rodents at our the Pleistocene hominid and Palaeolithic sites that are the object of our Major Research Project, and biology graduate Juan Ortega Rodrigáñez is preparing a thesis on the skeletal remains from Sima de las Palomas. Assisting with the Palaeolithic material from our sites in the research lab is Murcia University archaeology graduate Mariano Martínez López  and Murcia University assistant lecturer in Prehistory Dr. María Haber Uriarte (codirectors with Michael Walker of the Cueva Negra and Sima de las Palomas excavations) and Murcia University archaeology graduate Matías Campillo Boj.

Every year since 1990 Michael Walker has directed excavation campaigns at Cueva Negra ("Black Cave") of the River Quípar gorge, and every year since 1993 he has also directed excavation campaigns at Sima de las Palomas ("Dove Hole") on Cabezo Gordo hill; both sites are in Murcia province. He has also been Principal Investigator of several publically funded excavation research projects at the sites, as well as heading the Spanish teams in two Anglo-Spanish Joint Actions whose British teams were headed by Dr. Derek Roe, then Professor (now Emeritus Professor) of Palaeolithic Archaeology and Director of the "Donald Baden-Powell" Quaternary Research Centre at Oxford University (where Michael Walker was "Senior Visiting Research Fellow" in 1994-1995) who stays in touch with us.

Our present research endeavour includes important international collaborating scientists, among whom are Professor Erik Trinkaus the Anthropology Dept. at Washington University at St. Louis, Dr. Tom Higham who heads the Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit at Oxford University's Research Lab for Archaeology and the History of Art (RLAHA), Dr. Jean-Luc Schwenninger who runs RLAHA’s Optical Sediment Luminescence Unit, Dr. Simon Blockley who undertakes microtephrology research at RLAHA, Dr. Alistair Pike who conducts uranium-series research at Bristol University’s Archaeology Department, Bristol University’s Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology Dr. Joao Zilhao, Dr. Gary Scott who is head of palaeomagnetic research at Berkeley’s Geochronology Centre, Professor Milton Núñez who is Profesor of Archaeology and Chair of the Archaeology Department at Oulu University in Finland, and last but by no means least Dr. Svante Päabo who is Director of the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology at Leipzig and other members of its staff including Adrian Briggs, Johannes Krause, Kornelius Kupczik and Tanya Smith.  

A Spanish government programme to further university research enabled Michael Walker to take up a permanent professorial position at Murcia University in 1988, and shortly afterwards the Subdepartment of Physical Anthropology was established - in what was then known as the Department of Animal Biology and Ecology before the creation in 2002 of the Department of Zoology and Physical Anthropology - in order to develop teaching and research on palaeoanthropology in the Spanish region of Murcia which is rich in archaeological sites and their skeletal remains.

Michael Walker first joined an official, multidisciplinary research group of Murcia University, which he now heads ("E0A03, Technology, Anthropology and Ecology in the Quaternary"). Other members include Murcia University tenured Senior Lecturer Dr. Juan-Luis Polo Camacho (Department of Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Faculty). The research group was joined by Dr. Josefina Zapata Crespo and latterly by Dr. María Haber Uriarte, and it has several official collaborators (the term given to researchers who are not Murcia University full-time staff members), such as geologist Dr. Tomás Rodríguez-Estrella, a tenured Senior Lecturer at Cartagena Polytechnic University's School of Mining Engineering, Geology and Cartography and who previously was a Lecturer at Murcia University). He has undertaken important hydrogeological and geological research concerning karstic processes at the two cave sites with Neanderthal of our major research project (Sima de las Palomas and Cueva Negra). Other collaborators of the research group are archaeologists Miguel San-Nicolás of the Heritage Service of the Murcian regional government’s Directorate-General of Culture, and Mariano López Martínez who directs excavations for a contract-archaeology company and more recently the archaeologist Matías Campillo Boj, as well as the biologists Antonio López Jímenez, Jon Rodrigáñez Ortega and Azucena Avilés Fernández, and also, until his sad death in Autumn 2007, the palaeontologist Dr. Josep Gibert-Clols of the "Dr. M. Crusafont" Palaeontological Institute of the Barcelona Diputación at Sabadell who codirected excavations with Michael Walker at Sima del as Palomas. Despite a quirk of Murcia University regulations that precludes a staff-member from belonging to more than one research group, our group has very close links with researchers in some other of its research groups, e.g. palaeopalynologist Dr. José Carrión-García and geologist Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancheño-Jiménez .

A basic idea behind such a multidisciplinary research group as ours is to provide a space for the meeting of minds - where researchers with overlapping interests but different academic backgrounds can develop their interests while retaining a degree of autonomy, without necessarily demanding that each and every member give exclusive dedication to a single research topic or to a single period of Quaternary time - indeed, the very opposite aim is sought. In line with such an open approach, M. J. Walker's own academic trajectory has involved research aspects in palaeoanthropology, human palaeoecology, palaeoeconomy and prehistory in both the Pleistocene and Holocene, the latter being the period that attracts the majority of prehistorians and palaeoanthropologists in SE Spain.

Our main research endeavour involves an annual summer field season of archaeological excavation at Cueva Negra and Sima de las Palomas, when the collaboration of our younger researchers is fundamental - Mariano López Martínez, Antonio López Jiménez, Juan Ortega Rodrigáñez, Azucena Avilés Fernández, Matías Campillo Boj – who help in running our "Field School for Quaternary Palaeoanthropology and Prehistory of Murcia" for Spanish and non-Spanish student and graduate volunteer helpers from disciplines as different as archaeology and anthropology or geology and biology (recently we have had helpers from Russia, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., U.K. and elsewhere).

Making public our findings is just as important. To that end, we won an award of 300,000 euros, half of which came from the European Commission at Brussels, for a Travelling Exhibition within the European Union, about "Archaic Europeans and Neanderthals: The Homo Project - Hominids, Technology and Environment in the Middle and early Upper Pleistocene", on the initiative of Michael Walker and Maribel Parra (Director of Murcia's Science and Water Resources Museum). The exhibition was first unveiled to the public in October 2001 at the Vienna Natural History Museum and then came back to Murcia city's Science and Water Resources Museum, after which it was on display at Barcelona's "Dr. M. Crusafont" Palaeontological Museum at Sabadell, and during the final quarter of 2002 at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. In February 2003 it opened again to the public at Torre Pacheco in Murcia, and then toured the Spanish cities of Logroño and San Sebastian. In 2004 it returned to Murcia and was on display in the spacious foyer of the Murcia University Library. It is currently at Torre Pacheco in Murcia on permanent loan.


In 2007 the Murcian Region’s government released ten million euros for building a museum for Paleontology and Human Evolution near to Sima de las Palomas at the foot of Cabezo Gordo, in Torre Pacheco municipality. The President of the Murcia Regional Government laid the foundation stone on September 15th 2010.

Here are a few recent scientific publications about our sites. The asterisk means a pdf is on our web-site or soon will be: htttp://

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