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Department of Anatomy and Comparative Pathology

The Veterinary Anatomy Unit is part of the Department of Anatomy & Comparative Pathological Anatomy of the University of Murcia . The offices, labs, library and audio-visual media room are located in the first floor of the Veterinary Faculty, and the dissection room and anatomical museum in the ground floor. A complete list of the anatomy teachers, technicians and internal students can be found in the staff page of the web.

Teaching is mainly focused in two subjects of the Veterinary degree: Anatomy I & Embryology (1st year), and Anatomy III (2nd year). However, the unit is also responsible for other anatomy subjects in different postgraduate programs (masters). To assist teaching the unit has published several teaching books (atlas, handbooks) and interactive programs.

The Anatomical Museum is aimed to promote the Comparative Veterinary Anatomy in and out the University. Thus, it is not only used by veterinary but also biology and medical students, as well as by pupils of the primary and secondary schools. The museum owns a broad collection of bones, skeletons and anatomical plastinations. In fact, the Veterinary Anatomy Unit of Murcia is a reference in the application and development of the plastination techniques.

Research is focused in two lines: skeletal muscle of mammals and fish, Imaging Techniques in Veterinary Anatomy