XXV Congreso Internacional de AESLA

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25th International Conference of AESLA

19th-21st April, 2007

English Department (Murcia University)


“25 years of Applied Linguistics in Spain: milestones and challenges”






Dear colleagues:

The organising committee of the next AESLA conference is pleased to announce the 25th Annual Conference to be held at the University of Murcia (Campus de la Merced), situated in the city centre, from 19th to 21st April, 2007. The theme of the conference is to be 25 years of Applied Linguistics in Spain: milestones and challenges. This title is designed to remind the members of AESLA and the conference participants of the beginnings of our association, founded here in the University of Murcia by Dr. R. Monroy and Dr. A. Sánchez, Professors of English Philology, supported by a large group of teachers from the University of Granada, at which university the first constituent meeting of the association was held. The 25th Conference is organised by the English Department at the University of Murcia.




The theme of the 25th AESLA Conference is:

"25 years of Applied Linguistics in Spain: milestones and challenges"

Our aim is not so much to present a historical review of developments in Applied Linguistics in Spain in the last 25 years as to focus on the different topics and areas that have arisen and have gradually been consolidated over the years, as well as to move into the future that can already be discerned in linguistic research applied to various fields in the world around us. Thus our goal for this conference is to be a multidisciplinary forum around all the main themes on which Applied Linguistics hinges, especially in Spain. Thus, the 25th AESLA Conference will illustrate the point that we have reached in the research and studies peculiar to the association and will serve as a meeting point between scholars from different disciplines whose main concern is the study of language and its applications to the diverse sciences that make up human knowledge.


Information: aesla2007@um.es



25th International AESLA Conference
(Spanish Society for Applied Linguistics)
University of Murcia, 19-21 April 2007

The Organising Committee



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