European Sociological Association Conference, Murcia, Spain Sept 23-26 2003



The Research Stream Enlargement of Europe shall organise eight sessions in the Sixth ESA Conference in Murcia.

Colleagues wishing to participate are invited to submit an abstract (200-250 words) to the coordinators of the stream:

Peeter Vihalemm:
Chris Rumford:

Deadline for submitting an abstract is 28 February 2003. Notification of acceptance of offers will be sent by 30 April.

The following list of topics/themes should serve as a guide but proposals that do not fit directly into these themes will also be welcomed.

Borders of the New Europe 
Changing National and European Identities
Transformation of Europe's Political, Economic and Cultural Space 
Problems of the Open Labour Market and Free Movement of People
Transformation of the European Social Model 
The Emergence of an European Public Sphere? 
Enlargement and the Democratic Deficit
Pan-European Networks
Public Opinion and Public Debate about EU Enlargement in the Member States and Candidate Countries
Anti-EU Mobilization in Accession Countries



Registration should be made on the form at:

Please note that a reduced rate conference fee is available for those registering by 15 June.

More information concerning the conference will be available on the same Conference website (