1. Ageing in Europe Coordinator: Jay Ginn  Co-Chairs:
Andreas Motel-Klingebiel & Ricca Edmondson
2. Sociology of the Arts Anna Lisa Tota
3. Biographical Perspectives on European Societies  Robert Miller
4. Sociology of Consumption Evind Stoe
5. Disaster and Social Crisis Nicholas Petropoulos
6. Economic Sociology Sokratis Koniordos & Patrick Aspers
7. Environment and Society   Kris van Koppen
8. Sociology of Education Tuula Gordon , Janet Holland & Henk Kleijer
9. Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives Ulla Bjornberg 
10. Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State Eva Cyba
11. Globalization Bart van Steenbergen
12. Industrial Relations, Labour Market Institutions and Employment Franz Traxler
13. RENCORE: Methods for Comparative Research on Europe Peter Mohler
14. Sociology of comunications and Media Media Peter Golding
15. Sociology of Professions Lennart Svensson
16. Qualitative Methods Thomas Eberle
17. Regional Network on Southern European Societies Gabriella Lazaridis 
18. Science and Technology Raymund Werle
19. Social Movements Mario Diani
20. Sociology of Social Policy Alan Walker
21. Social Theory Patric Baert
22. Youth and Generation Jean Charles Lagree
23. Medical Sociology and Health Policy Ian Shaw
24. Society and Sports Paul Martin
25. Sexuality John Vincke
1. Enlargement of Europe Peter Vihalemm & Chris Rumford
2. Work and Organizations Gyoergy Szell
3. Sociology of Food Eva Barlosius
4. Sociology of Love and Hate: Emotions Jack Barbalet  
5. Collective Identities: Race, Ethnicity, Nation Angela López
6. Historical Sociology Giovanna Procaci
7. Sociology of Law / Human Rights Reza Banakan & Michael R. Madsen
8. Urban Sociology/Cities Jose Luis Leal & Thomas Maloutas
9. Political Sociology María  Luz Morán & Emilio Luque
10. Culture, collective Memories and public discourse Anna Lisa Tota & Fredrick Engelstad
11. Europe and Immigration Grete Brochmann & Berta Alvarez
12. Sociology of Religion Martine Cohen
13. Europe and the Mediterranean Andres Pedreño
14. Rethinking to Pierre Bourdieu: culture, education and the arts Alain Quemin  & Juan Atº. Roche
15. Sociology of Chilhood Jo Moran-Ellis