The 6th Conference the European Sociological Association  Murcia, Spain Sept 23-26 2003


September 25, 17.00-18.30

Campus de La Merced


Elzbieta Halas
ESA Publication Committee

Session I  
Hemiciclo of Faculty of Humanities 

Trust and Trauma
Piotr Sztompka, Trust: a Sociological Theory, Cambridge 1999, Cambridge University Press. Piotr Sztompka, co-author with Jeffrey Alexander, Neil Smelser, Ron Eyerman and Bernhard Giesen (eds.), Cultural Trauma, Berkeley 2003, California University Press.
commentator: Risto Heiskala
Hans Joas, War and Modernity, Malden 2002, Blackwell Publishers.
commentator: Robert D. Fine


Session II  
Salón de Grados of Faculty of Law 

Howard S. Becker, Tricks of the Trade. How to Think about Your Research While You're Doing It, Chicago 1998, The University of Chicago Press (French translation 2002).
commentator: Dennis Smith
Ad van Iterson, Willem Mastenbroek, Tim Newton, Dennis Smith (eds.), The Civilized Organization. Norbert Elias and the Future of Organization Studies, Amsterdam 2002, John Benjamins Publishing Company.
commentators: Patrik Aspers and Jukka Gronow


Session  III
Room Antonio Soler (Lecture Room Building Campus de la Merced)

Jonathan Gershuny, Changing Times: Work and Leisure in Postindustrial Society, Oxford 2000, Oxford University Press. 
Göran Ahrne
Vicenç Navarro, Bienestar insuficiente, democracia incompleta: sobre lo que no se habla en nuestro país, Barcelona 2002, Anagrama.
Teodoro Hernández 


Session IV
Room "Andrés Baquero" (Faculty of Humanities)

Mike F. Keen, Janusz Mucha (eds.), Sociology in Central Europe. Transition at the Dawn of a New Millenium, Westport 2003, Greenwood Press.
commentators: Margareta Bertilsson and Marju Lauristin


Session V
Room "Jorge Guillén" (Faculty of Humanities)

Ute Gerhard, Debating Women's Equality: Toward a Feminist Theory of Law from a European Perspective, New Brunswick 2001, Rutgers University Press.
commentators: Giovanna Procacci
and Constanza Tobío
Claudine Attias-Donfut, Nicole Lapierre, Martine Segalen Le nouvel esprit de famille, Paris 2002: Odile Jacob
commentators: Karin Wall