CALL FOR PAPERS (1st Draft!)

European Sociological Association Conference, Murcia, Spain Sept 23-26 2003



Stream Co-ordinator:

György Széll (University of Osnabrück/Germany)


Session 1: Work, organisation & ageing societies

Chair: György Széll ( & Paul Thompson

Session 2: The New Economy & new forms of organisation

Chair: Francesco Garibaldo (Institute for Labour, Bologna/Italy) & Ake Sandberg (National Institute for Working-Life, Sweden)

Session 3: Trade Unions and Employers Associations

Chair: Rainer Zoll (University of Bremen) & Alain Chouraqui (LEST/CNRS, Aix-en-Provence/France)

Session 4: Human Resource Management & SKill Formation and Learning

Chair: Jan Kees Looise (University Twente/The Netherlands)

Session 5: Public Sector & Privatisation

Chair: Jacques Defourney (CIRIEC, University of Ličge/Belgium)  & Litsa Nicolaou-Smokoviti (University of Piraeus/Greece)

Session 6: European integration and enlargement

Chair: Csaba Makó (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest/Hungary) & Dimitrina Dimitrova (ILO, Budapest/Hungary)

Session 7: Gender

Chair: Mino Vianello (University La Sapienza, Rome/Italy) & Linda Clarke (University of Westminster, London/UK)  Elisabeth Michielsens

Session 8: New trends in the sociology of work and in organisational theory

Chair: Nikolai Genov (Free University of Berlin/Germany) &  Thoralf U. Qvale (Work Research Institute, Oslo/Norway)

Session 9: Poster session

Chair: William Outhwaite (University of Sussex/UK) & Edward Zammit (University of Malta)


[1]Deadline for  proposals: 28 February 2003! All proposals should be sent to the session chairs as well as to the stream co-ordinators