European Sociological Association Conference, Murcia, Spain Sept 23-26 2003


The sexuality research network aims at stimulating research and bringing together European researchers whom apply the sociological imagination to the study of sexuality. As such it studies how sexuality constitutes an aspect of individual biographies located at different positions within the social structure. Sexuality is seen as consisting of interactions, discourses, actors, institutions and power structures. The research network will pay special attention to the study of sexual diversity, sexual cultures and sexual health. Another basic question addresses what "sexuality" is from a sociological point of view and how sexual diversity differs sociologically from other essential forms of embodiment like gender and race?

Traditionally, within sociology the study of sexuality was part of the study of reproduction, families, and partner relations. The research network wants to approach sexuality as a social force and a cultural practice including all aspects of eroticism and erotic behaviours or interactions. It especially encourages sociological study of the so called 'paraphilias'.


At the conference we aim to organise different sessions dealing with:

sexual health
sexual culture
sex research (theory and methodology)
sexual politics including queer theory
gender, body and sexuality
sexuality and social change with a special focus on voluntary and forced migration

For additional information on these topics please contact .be (network coordinator)