European Sociological Association Conference, Murcia, Spain Sept 23-26 2003



General information about the 6th European Conference of Sociology is located at the website

The theme of the Conference is "Ageing Societies, New Sociology". As our Research Network focusses on "methods", our sessions will not only deal with the conference theme but we welcome any presentation of research which is based on qualitative methods or which is discussing issues of qualitative methods.

As of now, the following sessions have been proposed :

  1. Ethnography Convenors: Thomas S. Eberle (University of St Gallen, Switzerland) & Giampietro Gobo (University of Milano, Italy) e-mail Eberle: e-mail Gobo:
  2. 2. Discourse analysis: the analysis of organizational discourse Convenor: Ruth Wodak (University of Vienna, Austria) e-mail:
  3. 3. Video-analysis Convenor: Hubert Knoblauch (Technical University, Berlin, Germany) e-mail:
  4. 4. Computer assisted qualitative content analysis Convenor: Toni Casasempere (Azande, Alcoi, Spain) e-mail:
  5. 5. Ethical issues in qualitative research Convenor: Shalva Weil (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) e-mail: MSSHALVA@MSCC.HUJI.AC.IL
  6. 6. Biography, life history and oral narratives Convenor: Rosalind Edwards (South Bank University, London, U.K.) e-mail:
  7. 7. In-depth or extensive interviews Convenor: Constantinos Phellas (South Bank University, London, U.K.) e-mail:
  8. 8. Combining qualitative and quantitative methods (Jordi López & Ercilia García) Convenors: Ercilia García Álvarez (IESE, University of Navarra, Spain) & Jordi López Sintas (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain) e-mail García: e-mail Lopez:
  9. 9. Textual analysis Convenor: Jaime Andreu (Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain) e-mail:
  10. 10. In addition, we are planning a joint session with the research network 'Sociology of Arts' on the topic 'Qualitative and quantitative methods in the sociology of culture and arts'.
  11. 11. A further joint session with the research network 'Biographical Perspectives on European Societies' on the "archiving of qualitative data" is being discussed.

ADDITIONAL SESSIONS : Members of the 'Qualitative Methods' research network and indeed all researchers in these and cognate areas are invited to submit additional proposals for topics for sessions.

All in all, 8 sessions are planned. Based on the number of abstracts for each session, some sessions may be combined.

As to the above mentioned topics, we are now calling for PROPOSALS FOR PAPERS. Your proposal should be sent as an ABSTRACT in the following format :

Paper Title (in CAPITAL LETTERS) Author(s) Your e-mail Your postal address An Abstract of about 200 words (not counting the above information) (Please specify in which way your paper is a contribution to "qualitative methods".) Preferred session (if you have a preference).

Whilst the main language of our research network is English, we welcome paper presentations in Spanish and French. All abstracts are, however, to be submitted in English. Please add a note if you would like to present your paper in Spanish or French.

Abstracts should be sent at the latest by 28 February 2003 to BOTH the Chair of the 'Qualitative Methods' research network :

Prof. Thomas S. Eberle Institute of Sociology University of St. Gallen Tigerbergstr. 2 CH-9000 St. Gallen Switzerland e-mail :

AND to the Convenor of the session in which you would like to present your paper (listed above). Please do not submit the same paper to more than one session or more than one research network.

If you require further information about a session (e.g., if you are not sure whether your paper fits with the topic), contact the Convenor directly.

If you feel your paper does not fit into any of the named sessions, send it directly to Thomas Eberle.


Registration should be made on the form at :http://

Please note that a reduced rate conference fee is available for those registering by 31 May 2003. More information concerning the conference will be available on the same website.

Information updates will be posted on the website of the research network qualitative methods of the European Sociological Association :

For more information, contact either 1. Thomas S. Eberle ( in English or 2. Toni Casasempere ( in Spanish

We are looking forward to meeting you in Murcia in September 2003 !

Thomas S. Eberle