Facultad de Biología

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is multidisciplinary approach, both scientific and technological, to biological systems and living organisms or their derivates to create or modify products or processes that may be of value to mankind. This interdisciplinary and integrative nature of knowledge, based on engineering and modern techniques of molecular, cellular and functional biology, also provides "added value" in light of the training offered.

The degree course can be followed by the postgraduate programme of "Molecular Biology and Biotechnology" imparted in the University of Murcia since 2007-2008.

Admission profile

The candidate will be a person interested in questions related with Biotechnology in its widest sense and high degree of sensitivity towards the technological applications at the service of man.

The most suitable candidates will have studied Scientific-Technological or Health Sciences along with Mathematics, biology, Physics, Chemistry and Sciences of the Earth, and Environmental Studies. Students who have not had studied these subjects are recommended to acquire the necessary knowledge related with them.

Admission and selection

Professional opportunities

Degree in Biotechnology from the University of Murcia