Inglés Jurídico [07/08]

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Teacher: Pascual Pérez-Paredes


Inglés Jurídico: Moodle starting point

Facultad de Derecho / Law School , Academic year 2007/2008

This page is about the basics, that is, all the essential information
you need to know about our subject and more especifically the way to
contribute your individual research-driven work and your seminar presentations and discussions.

The academic semester comprises 12 weeks. The official UMU academic year can be found here.

Are we using a textbook?

Yes. we are using Professional English in Use Law, by G. Brown and S. Rice. This book is published by Cambridge University Press.

Why Moodle?

We will use Moodle to render our discussions on the weekly topics
for the subject. You will find a link for every discussion topic and
you will have to present your own contributions here.

Shall we meet a tight schedule?