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Intellectual Outcomes

Objective 1
Proposing a European standard (and recommendations) of measures and reasonable accommodations at academic level for mobility students with disabilities. (see a hypothetical example)
  • Methods: Literature and Law review and surveys
  • Work done:
  • Current status:
    • Starting global analyses on higher education and disabilities
    • Revising the survey (proposal 2)
  • Next steps:
    • Complete the Law study (it will be published in an academic open-access journal or book)
    • Send the survey to European universities (it will soon be able to access the survey from this page)

Objective 2
Develop an online and multilingual platform that house a catalog of universities meeting the standard, and some communication tools between attention-to-diversity services for a more personalized monitoring of mobility students.
  • Methods: Informatics designs and developments, focus group
    Work done:
    • General and specific features of the web platform (proposal 1)
    • Focus group on proposal 1 (see participants)
  • Current status:
    • Revising the proposal 1 on the basis of focus group's results (proposal 2)
  • Next steps:
    • Complete and review by the partners the proposal 2
    • Start programming the web platform